Friday, February 18, 2005

Technology Audits, anyone?

For many years, I have enjoyed great fulfillment by working closely with hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of schools, businesses, governments, and other organizations around the world as they strive to engage technologies, in a meaningful fashion, to accomplish their goals.

I have enjoyed writing articles, books, and preparing audio programs, all designed to help leaders with technology planning matters.

Now, I have written a new book, released in December 2004, entitled Technology Audit Survivor's Guide. It's a 270-page book into which I poured many hours of love and encouragement so that it would help technology decision makers face an audit with a sense of hope and gladness. If you haven't read the sample chapters of the book, available on the NCTP web site, I hope you will. Then, perhaps you will see the value of buying a copy. I can promise you that nothing like this exists anywhere and, if it is followed carefully, it will make a technology audit much less painful--maybe even a bunch of fun!

I am wondering, though, how many readers of this blog have been involved in a technology audit in a school or business or other organization. What was your experience like? What lessons did you learn? What advice do you have? How much did yours cost?

Technology audits, as a formal experience, are coming to schools eventually. That's for sure. Let's work together to make sure it's a good experience for as many people as possible.

Let me hear from you.

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Jeff Johnson said...

We are undergoing a technology audit now. I'd like to hear from anyone that's been through this or if you are aware of any appropriate and relevant technology staffing guidelines/models that exist.

Thanks in advance!

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