Thursday, May 19, 2005

Austin, TX or Bust

Today, Thursday, May 19, 2005, is a gorgeous day as I await a connecting flight to Austin, TX for a 2-day meeting of the Advisory Board for the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program. What an exciting meeting this will be, as it is the inaugural meeting of the advisory board.

The ADE program is amazingly fantastic...Apple recognizes the immense value of dedicated educators worldwide who know not only how to use their technology solutions, but also how the various solutions can be implemented in the most sensible ways in schools. I am continually impressed with the expertise of my ADE friends as they prepare, then demonstrate, projects that show clearly how technology devices and applications can make learning more effective in a variety of settings. I think Apple is so smart to have formed the ADE group several years ago...and to continue adding high-level, energetic, imaginative, creative educators to the "flock" each year. It is very hard to get into the program, once nominated, but the effort is well worth it!

The bright sunshine this morning is, I believe, an indicator of how productive and revealing this day will be. Of course, the main thing that contributes to the value of this day is my attitude!

What do you think?

Does attitude affect the outcome of a day? experience?

Is my attitude more important than the attitude of someone else?

What advice can you give me for maintaining a good, healthy attitude through all kinds of situations?

Let me hear from you.


Debbie Podwika, M.A.,C.S.M. said...
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Debbie Podwika, M.A.,C.S.M. said...

Dr. A it is your attitude which all should model! YES, attitude does make a huge difference, especially when it is at either extreme! To me another way to put it is "one's spirit light"! Some spirits can walk into a darkened room & completely light it by themselves, others can darken the brightest of rooms, even extinquishing other's. The good thing is, all it takes is another bright light to light a spirit that has gone out or is not shining as brilliantly as it could....and you my sir, are a HUGE BONFIRE! :-)