Saturday, March 04, 2006

Think Like A Leader podcast

I am very excited to have created and posted a new podcast, Think Like A Leader, yesterday. The first episode is merely a quick overview of what is coming in the future, but it was a fun experience to create the podcast and to be using a new process/procedure (new to me, at least).

In the past, I have created podcasts using Podcast Maker™ or GarageBand (a fabulous portion of Apple's iLife suite), then posting these to my .mac account. However, with the able and gracious assistance of Ted Lai (creator of the award winning podcast, SoCal Hockey) in Orange County, CA, I used the Libsyn service.

Here's the process I used (at least an extremely basic explanation):
1. Record and edit project in GarageBand
2. Save audio as .m4a from GarageBand
3. Upload .m4a to Libsyn
4. "Tweak" the Libsyn blog page just a bit
5. Submit podcast to iTunes Music Store

So, I encourage you to check out the podcast, then send me your ideas, suggestions, or other comments. Then, if you like what you hear and/or think you have something to contribute, please consider subscribing to the podcast. Also, feel free to recommend the podcast to others.

I know that Think Like A Leader will get much better in the forthcoming episodes, so just enjoy the ride with me and let's grow as leaders together!

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