Friday, April 01, 2005

Technology policy: a serious matter

In the past several days, I have received emails from school-based practitioners, primarily, who are concerned about technology policies in their schools.

The State of Mississippi is requiring audits of several types, including student attendance and other matters that often fall within the purview of technology coordinators. The audit of -- and the policies associated with the audits -- technologies is becoming increasingly a matter that is on the forefront of school leaders' minds.

So, I wonder: What do organizational technology leaders think about the idea of technology policies? What policies exist currently? How important are technology policies to the functioning of the organization? In what way(s) do tech policies impact those individuals who are served by the organization?

At this juncture, I shall not launch off into my opinions about technology policy. Rather, I will simply pose this matter as one that is of great concern and interest among technologists.

What do you think?