Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Makes You Plan?

WHY do you plan?

We surely do hear a lot about planning, don't we?  But, is all this planning talk just something we do to occupy our time?  Or, is planning really a worthwhile experience?

What positive benefits come from planning?

So, I'm wanting to hear from you.  Send your comments and thoughts.

Just why do you plan?

What makes you plan?  Is it an internal drive to improve?  Is it a desire to make things better than they once were?  Or, do you have a specific goal in mind, and planning is the tool that will get you there?  What is it that really drives you to engage in planning?

So, imagine this.  A person walks into your office and you pull out your tech plan.  You give it to the person and say, "Here's my technology plan.  It will show you what I want to accomplish."

The person responds with a one word question that reverberates in your mind:


What do you say?

Leave your comments here.  I really, really want to know what you think!