Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Podcasting, anyone?

Isn't this whole notion of podcasting amazing?

Can you remember, as I do, when podcasting was a term that made others turn their head in a funny way or wrinkle their brow when they heard the term? And, just think about it -- that was only a year ago!

However, podcasts are growing in number each day, perhaps each hour. Podcatching clients and "podcast maker" software are blooming like a rich bed of spring flowers. So....

What do you think of all this podcasting phenomenon?
Are you involved...as a regular listener -- or as a creator?
What are your favorite topics?
What promise do you believe this podcasting thing holds for student learning?
What are the downfalls, the negatives, the shortcomings?

As the quantity of podcasts rises, so does the pool of mediocre podcasts. Some of them are engaging, but some of them (particularly by educators) are just plain BORING!

What are your thoughts on podcasting? Send them in.

And, by the way, we will continue this discussion in future weeks, focusing upon certain aspects of podcasts (ex: leadership, personal development, student learning). What podcasts do you recommend, and why?

Let me hear from you!