Saturday, April 21, 2007

Are iTunes and iPods evil???

Recently, I conducted a brief survey of technology coordinators and leaders in 3 states. My purpose was to ask them these questions:

1. Do you block iTunes in your school? (followed by, if so, why not?)

2. Do you allow students to bring iPods to school?

There were a couple more related questions, but the main focus of the survey was to determine to what extent iTunes and iPods are a part of the planned school learning environment.

I'll bet you can predict the responses.

So....what do you think they said? Let me hear from you. You can either shoot me an audio file (MP3 would be great), a voice mail or fax to my hotline number (206/984-3136) or email me.

After you send me some feedback, I will respond with the results. I am open to suggestions from you on how I can expand this survey to more states and/or countries, as well.

Until next safe!