Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Lately, I've been giving more thought to the notion of teams and how teamwork is a potentially powerful function to advocate within the technology leadership sphere.

Actually, teamwork is important almost anywhere, in any organization, in nearly any situation.

So, what are the basic principles of teamwork that come to your mind? Write to me and let me know, or, better yet, leave a comment associated with this blog.

I can point to the work of several authors whose writings give us great reason for contemplation -- and that provide us great encouragement to pursue effective teamwork.

Do you consider yourself a member of a team?

If you were going to build a team, what would be the first (initial) characteristics you would consider for a member of your team? Would you allow/invite me to be a member of your team? Why or why not?
Would you be a good member of my team? Why or why not?

I can recommend the writing and speaking of John C. Maxwell. What material(s) on team building, teamwork, and team function can you recommend to other readers of this blog?

Would you life for me to produce a podcast on this topic? If so, what could you contribute to my podcast?

Good teaming!